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Crossroads Church considers Hastings campus

Hastings may soon have another church within its borders. Crossroads Church, a multi-site church with locations in Woodbury, Cottage Grove and Eagan, is considering adding a fourth campus in Hastings.

“We’ve been praying a lot and just thinking about what it would take, financially, for us to have a presence in Hastings,” said Phil Print, lead pastor at Crossroads Church.

The decision hasn’t been made quite yet, though, Print said. The church’s leadership team has been looking at potential sites in Hastings and has reached out to a potential campus pastor for a new location here. But for now, they’re giving the idea more time for discussion. Print said that toward the end of October, the people involved with the decision will meet again to review a number of factors and determine whether they should move forward with a Hastings campus or not, or to postpone expansion here.

“We’re really looking for clarity,” Print said.

Crossroads Church started considering expanding to Hastings for a few reasons. The first is the church’s strategic plan, which calls for launching new campuses as opportunities are available.

“We’re always looking outward,” Print said. “We love what we’re doing and we would love to continue to expand.”

The second reason is the church’s existing membership.

“We have a lot of people already coming from Hastings,” Print said.

Crossroads Church has about 3,000 members across its three campuses, and more than 300 are already crossing the Mississippi River to attend either the Cottage Grove or Woodbury campuses.

What Crossroads Church is not looking to do is pull people from the churches already in Hastings.

“I know firsthand that there’s great churches in Hastings,” Print said.

Rather, he’d like to see a campus that can serve those people who aren’t attending any church at all. He said that when he came to Crossroads Church 25 years ago, his goal was to create a church for people who were turned off to church but not turned off to God. And he’s heard anecdotally that there are a number of people in Hastings who, for whatever reason, have given up on church.

“Our delight would be to maybe create something in Hastings for them,” Print said.

As a multi-site church, Crossroads operates as a single church with multiple branches. Each campus has its own pastor and staff. Print and a few others provide centralized resources for all campuses.

Print said that Crossroads Church associates with a denomination called the Evangelical Covenant Church. Doctrinally, he said it falls somewhere between Baptist and Lutheran. Although it’s a smaller denomination, it’s one that is rapidly growing, he said, and one that makes no claims of being better than any other church.

“We know we’re not better than anyone else,” Print said. “We’re a church for imperfect people, and our imperfect church is led by imperfect leaders.”

While the church leaders are still contemplating whether or not to move forward with a Hastings campus, Print said he feels that they’re leaning towards doing it.

“We love Hastings,” he said. “We hope it works out.”