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Our Saviour’s plans fall ecumenical service

On Tuesday, Oct. 11, Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church in Hastings will hold a special service for seniors and shut-ins in the community. The Fall Harvest Celebration Service is set to begin at 2 p.m. and is planned each spring and fall by the church’s Lay Ministry women’s group.

“The special service is something that we’ve done through the Lay Ministry at our Saviour’s,” said Judy Hemp, who helps organize the event.

The program includes a short worship service with familiar hymns. Pastor Lloyd Menke will give a brief message and there will be some special music performed by Jerrie Pittenger and Diane Sobczak. There will be refreshments served after the service.

The service caters to seniors and shut-ins and offers a time for people to gather with those they might not be able to see as often as they’d like.

“It’s a real social time for them,” Hemp said.

Usually, there are about 80 to 100 people attending. Volunteers provide rides to those who need them, and groups also come from local assisted living facilities. For many who are homebound, it’s the only time they get to spend time with old friends and neighbors.

“This is really meaningful to these people,” Hemp said.

The service is an ecumenical one, so as to welcome people of many faiths.

“In our community, we have people of all faiths and we all get old together,” Hemp said. “It’s just a good time to bring all of those people who have lived in neighborhoods together in a friendly place with not a heavy religious focus to it.”

Anyone who needs transportation can arrange a ride by calling Paula at 651-438-3738 or calling the church at 651-437-9052.