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Regina residents have holiday party presented by the staff

The Regina elves (also known as the employees) entertained for the Regina Residence Christmas party. Pictured from right to left are Mick Humbert, Mary Nell Zellner, Debi Sandstrom, Connie Bennett, Michelle Peterson, Rachel Calton, head elf – Ellen Gross, Karen Gage and Deb Foster. 1 / 3
Retired employees Jerrie Pittinger (left) and Diane Sobczak, contributed their musical talents to the party. 2 / 3
The elves include, right to left, Debi Sandstrom, Connie Bennett, Michelle Peterson holding new son Lucas and Rachel Calton.3 / 3

Smiles usually mean happy thoughts and messages … and that is exactly what was happening last Tuesday, Dec. 15.

The residents of Regina Senior Living were being treated to their annual Christmas party presented by the staff. There was music, singing, reading of the Christmas story and a little dancing too. Cookies and punch completed the party.

The party has been held for many years, said Dawn Trombley, wellness director for the complex.

“It gives the staff an opportunity to share their talents with the residents,” she said. “It’s always fun to see who will step up to the plate and sing for our residents. Often, we as fellow associates don’t even realize that they have these hidden talents until they volunteer to spread Christmas joy at Regina.”

Kit Justen, music specialist, is a very talented accompanist and puts the staff at ease while singing for the residents, said Trombley.

“Ellen Gross the head elf, recruits her fellow elves based on heart and willingness to put a smile on the face of residents,” said Trombley. “They seem to accomplish this every year.”

There’s another plus, too, for the other staff members.

“It’s fun to see other staff members attend the party just to listen to and support their fellow co-workers,” said Trombley.

Regina elves this year included Mark Dempsey, Ellen Gross, Deb Foster, Karen Gage, Rachel Carlton, Michelle Peterson (and new son Lucas), Kathy Irvine, Connie Bennett, Debi Sandstrom, Mary Nell Zeller, Mick Humbert and Justen. Two retired employees – Diane Sobczak and Jerrie Pittinger – also added their vocal talents to the afternoon.