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Letter: A community journey

How does one say “thank you” to your wife, your family, your friends, neighbors and an entire community? A simple “thank you” does not express enough what it means to me.

A campaign that transformed into a journey that made me love and appreciate this community and each and every one I met so much more. I was given a reason to knock on doors, I met so many wonderful people, behind every door a different story, so many different lifestyles not just from house to house but street to street.

It was great, it was America and just how it is supposed to be. Thank you Hastings for that journey.

I now drive the streets with a different perspective, I just don’t see houses and businesses, I see people. My wife and I said from the beginning “no matter the outcome of the election, it will be the beginning of something different.” God has a plan. I am looking forward to what he has in store.