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In Support of Tom Cherney

Last Thursday at the Hastings Candidate Forum, the Candidate's questions had not been released prior to the Forum. I observed a man who stood at the podium and answered questions, without hesitation, without cue cards, or a binder full of notes.

He is not a politician, yet knows how the political system works. In light of the City's recent water problem, here is a candidate who has experience in emergency management, as well as Homeland Security in which to make Hastings a stronger, safer community.

Tom has made it clear, he will have an open door policy, and your voice will be heard. You will have an opportunity to speak at the City Council meetings.

A Candidate who knows where the buck stops, and who is responsible. A Candidate who knows that the City Administration works for the City Council and it's Mayor, not the other way around!

If you care where your tax dollars are being used, and want a say in where those dollars are spent with real transparency, vote for Tom Cherney.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.