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Debunking Misleading Healthcare Ads on Folch

I have received several extremely negative political mailers insisting that Tina Folch wants to ruin my healthcare and will cost the state nearly $17 billion dollars in new taxes. According to these ads, all of this came from a report by the Lewin Group, so I decided to look it up.

The Lewin Group is owned by a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, a very profitable health insurance company. Their 2012 healthcare report actually creates a strong and compelling case that healthcare reform would save billions of dollars for Minnesotans. I would highly recommend that all who desire accessible and affordable healthcare read the Lewin Group report in its entirety. It can be found by searching for "LEWIN.Final_Report_FINAL_DRAFT."

What the groups behind those terrible ads dont want you to know is that according to this report, in 10 years Minnesotans would achieve a savings of $189.5 billion dollars if we implemented a Single Payer system! The report notes that the wealthiest among us would have to pay more - even as all the rest of us experience significant healthcare savings. And, about 42,800 Minnesotans who work in the insurance industry would lose their jobs. No wonder they have spent over $50,000 in false ads to deceive you and convince you to not vote for Tina Folch.

Tina Folch is determined to find solutions to our ever-climbing healthcare costs, if it is good for the people who live in District 54B. So, the next time you see a political ad screaming at you about how Tina Folch will ruin healthcare... take a breath. Maybe even laugh a bit. Then go to the source.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.