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C.G. Mayor Endorses Tina Folch for House Seat

I want to express my support for Tina Folch for Minnesota House of Representatives 54B! As Mayor of Cottage Grove - I've had the opportunity to see Tina in action when she lived in southern Cottage Grove and served on the Cottage Grove Planning Commission. I was able to see her abilities to provide clear, thoughtful consideration on the many actions before her. I could tell back then, that she had the makings of a great leader.

Move ahead to the present - Tina moved to Hastings and was elected to the Hastings City Council. I now know what I saw in Tina years back on the Cottage Grove Planning Commission - proved true that the voters of Hastings saw the same thing when they elected her to the City Council. As a House Member - representing a portion of Cottage Grove and Hastings - I believe she will provide the frank and honest leadership we need at the Capitol. I would like to see her join Representative Franke as one of the two House leaders that will represent our great community!

I look forward to seeing both of them working together - parties aside - to do what's best for our area! Please join me in supporting Tina Folch for the House of Representatives for 54AB!

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.