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In Support of Lori Braucks

What do you look for in City Council members? I look for someone who upholds the Constitution of the United States AND the State of Minnesota. Someone who follows the law, even when it doesnt fit popular opinion. Someone who gets their hands dirty and feet wet when issues come up that need immediate focus and attention. Someone who listens. That is Lori Braucks.

Lori made tough decisions over the past four years on the council. They werent always "feel good" decisions to make everyone happy, but they were law abiding and constitutionally focused decisions. Lori is ALWAYS very open and willing to discuss things. She listens to my all of my concerns and is open to my thoughts and ideas.

Lori organized the water distribution with Cub Foods when our water supply was affected by eColi. Not only did she do as much as she could to get the word out via social media on what areas of town were affected and what should be done to be safe with the situation, she went one step further.

A Rolling Stones song states "You cant always get what you want but if you try sometimes, you might find You get what you need." We NEED her leadership and experience. Lori works hard and takes great pride in being a community leader. Vote for Lori Braucks on November 6 for Hastings City Council.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.