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Mary Fasbender is my Hero

During my time in high school, I struggled with the idea of pursuing my childhood dream. I have always wanted to be involved in politics and government, but due to recent events in our local, state, and federal offices, I began questioning my dream. How could I change the game and help the world around me? In times of doubt, I leaned on Mary Hoffmann-Fasbender for advice, support and confidence.

While helping me with some soul searching, Mary reminded me that our world does not have to always be the way it is now. We can change it. Mary helped me understand the term of servant leadership, inspired me to run for the Minnesota Youth Governor position in the YMCAs Youth in Government program, and encouraged me to follow my childhood dream at American University in Washington D.C. this upcoming fall.

This is exactly why Mary Hoffmann-Fasbender needs to be Mayor of Hastings. She gets it. She doesnt play politics; she gets things accomplished. She isnt afraid to stand up for her beliefs or the rights of others. She has dedicated her life to helping our community behind the scenes, without the credit and name recognition many of our politicians aim for.

Mary has always been there for the youth of Hastings and for me. She has been an amazing role model for the youth in our community. If you want someone in our local office that actually cares for our community, is dedicated to improve our political environment, and make Hastings a town that our youth want to return to: Mary for Mayor is your answer.

I could write a novel on the countless reasons on how Mary Hoffmann-Fasbender has improved our community, but I only have this short amount of space. If you want to learn more about Mary, her experiences, or her plans for Hastings, check out her website at or catch her out-and-about in town serving our friends and family.

She always has time for anyone in need of support or for someone who wishes to have a friendly chat because thats who Mary is. She is for us, for the community of Hastings, and not for the name recognition or the podium.

Thank you Mary!

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.