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Mary for Mayor

Im writing this letter to endorse Mary Fasbender for Mayor. When I moved here in 1985, Mary was one of my first contacts in this great community. I needed my hair cut, and all recommendations led me to Mary.

When I first met Mary, I knew she was a hometown girl with drive and a passion to succeed. Her love for Hastings was always present, and, as I got to know her better, that love was obvious in all the volunteer work and committees she was on to better this community.

She got me involved with the Chamber where I saw first-hand how committed she is to her city. Since then, weve had over 30 years of interactions and dialogue on several issues. We share ownership in the Central Commons building where she has taken control of the maintenance of the building, along with taking care of all the expenses it generates, and she is truly a hard worker.

Personally, as a local business owner in the construction industry, I have had several interactions with the City of Hastings as I developed neighborhoods in this community. I can honestly say that not one of them went smoothly. All of them ended up costing more than expected and took more time for approvals.

I want to see the City of Hastings embrace new developments, add programs to generate interest in our community, and attract developers who want to invest in Hastings.

I know Mary very well, and she has drive and passion, and is the one in this race who will get things done to improve Hastings. Marys accomplishments, such as Gobble Gait, and chairing the capital campaign to get the Y built in Hastings are just a few examples, but they speak volumes. I want to see things in town continue to another level, because Hastings needs to change. We need new blood to jumpstart our community and make us all proud to call this home.

Please help by voting for Mary for Mayor the primary is August 14 - so get out and vote to make Hastings the best city to live in!

Todd Siewert


This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.