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Mary D. Fasbender - the clear choice for Hastings Mayor

When Mary Fasbender announced she was running for Mayor of Hastings, I became enthused for our city and knew I wanted to help her campaign. As someone who has known Mary since 2011 on a personal level, I know for certain that she has what it takes to lead this incredible community and begin a new chapter in the story of Hastings.

Mary is not only a successful Hastings businessperson, but everything she does demonstrates how much she cares about other people. From starting Gobble Gait with Jay Kochendorfer 21 years ago to benefit Hastings Family Service, to her work with the Hastings Rotary and Hastings Chamber of Commerce, to her years of service on city commissions, such as the Public Safety Advisory Commission and Charter Commission, to volunteering hours at the Mayo Clinic hospice unit and delivering Meals on Wheels, Mary Fasbender is the fresh breath of air our local government needs to move our community forward.

As a proud member of the LGBTQA+ community, I have always appreciated the support, love, and genuine friendship that Mary has given both my partner and I, but also our community. Mary has a huge loving heart and backs it up on a daily basis in the way she lives her life and embraces and listens to everyone around her. With Mary as Mayor, she will be an advocate for Hastings to be an open, friendly and safe community for ALL.

Many of us are sick and tired of hearing about the national party politics of todaybut we are lucky the race for Hastings Mayor has nothing to do with the national political spotlight and is not a Democrat vs. Republican race. It has to do with OUR COMMUNITYHastings. We need a Mayor who not only talks the talk but walks the walk; someone who always puts others and their community firstand thats Mary D. Fasbender. Anyone suggesting otherwise has clearly not been paying attention.

Please join me in voting Mary for Mayor on August 14!

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.