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Mary Is Exactly What Hastings Needs - For The People Not The Podium

Never in our community life will good judgment be more important than in the coming years. It is critical that the mayor be a person of integrity and intelligence, and have the ability to mobilize, encourage and foster the citizens.

One of the most important things is to listen to both sides of an issue and truly try to see it from all angles. Even when you dont agree, sometimes even passionately disagree, we always strive let people be heard.

This has always been done in a respectful manner without condescension. This concept of listening and respectful banter seems to be lost lately, and thats exactly why I am urging you to support Mary for Mayor. Mary is a creative thinker who is always willing to collaborate and find common ground. Not only does she always listen to all sides of an issue, she actively seeks to hear diverse opinions before reaching a conclusion.

I have had the opportunity to work with Mary on Gobble Gait Thanksgiving Morning 8K Walk/Run since 1998 that helps support Hastings Family Service. Her ability to listen to issues and present multiple solutions has always impressed me.

Marys ability to keep a level head and stay focused on the task at hand will make her an excellent mayor. I believe anyone who has been at meetings Mary facilitates will agree she runs a great meeting. Everyone gets a voice, regardless of their status or position. That ability is absolutely essential for someone who aspires to a leadership position in the public sector and Mary has never failed to exhibit that ability.

Marys longtime experience with the community and knowledge of the issues make her the right choice for Hastings next mayor.


Jay Brian Kochendorfer

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.