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In response to Labovitch's letter

To the editor,

I’m Leilani Holmstadt, candidate for SD54 Senate. Allow me to respond to Mr. Labovitch’s mischaracterizations from last week.

If attending a Tea Party meeting made a person an activist, then living near a farm would make you a farmer. However, I do consider myself an activist by running for the SD54 Senate seat. An activist is defined as a person who campaigns for a change. I believe it is time for people to have someone watching out for their budgets.

I was a plaintiff in the suit against ISD833 referendum. The reason for the action was over voter integrity. During the recount of the 19 yes-to-no vote margin, there was blatant inconsistency in ballot acceptance. The suit was to affirm that no voter was disenfranchised. I believe that we, the people, have a responsibility to hold our government and elected officials accountable to the law. Without diligent citizen oversight, we will be left with a government accountable to no one.

I testified at legislative hearings against the attempt to unionize private, sole-proprietor, in-home daycare providers. Governor Dayton had no right to force the action against these small businesses. Many of us stood up to voice our objections. The Governor’s attempt was not only rejected by those few allowed to vote, but it was also struck down by the court.

Mr. Labovitch, that you would identify my actions to protect my rights and other’s rights as a negative trait, is a scary point of view to me.

My “political statements” show that I am for the people in SD54, I have done this while not running or serving in office. I have been active in bipartisan, at the core issues, as they matter to all people, not just a political group. 

Editor’s note: The letter referenced here was written by William Cory Labovitch and was published in the Oct. 20 edition of this newspaper.