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In support of Adam Estenson

To the editor,

I am writing on behalf of Adam Estenson, who is running for Hastings City Council for Ward 2.

Adam has been a neighbor of mine for around three years now. As I have gotten to know him I have grown to have high respect for him. He thoroughly listens when spoken to and is able to communicate in a way that shows he truly cares and hears what you are saying. Adam is also very respectful, tactful and able to easily work with.

He is a man who has such great family values. He is a loving, devoted husband to his wife Carrie and a doting father to his two beautiful daughters, Lilly and Olivia. One thing that shows the true character in a person is how they treat their children. It only takes 30 seconds with Adam and his girls to see it in him. His values don’t just extend to his family but to the community around them. Adam is helpful and kind and always willing to lend a helping hand in times of need. Adam has an amazing support network in town, which he will utilize to get things done. This community needs Adam Estenson for City Council for Ward 2.