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In support of tony Jurgens

To the editor,

I served with Tony Jurgens on the Cottage Grove Public Works Commission for several years, as well as the Cottage Grove Charter Commission. I was immediately impressed by his thoughtful approach and calm, even demeanor. His skill at tackling complex and somewhat controversial issues was a significant asset to the charter commission in particular. Over the years, we found many instances where we would agree, yet many others where we did not, and I always enjoyed our conversations in which we challenged each other to better understand the issue we were debating.

Jurgens’ willingness to volunteer and give back to his community are well known, but his skill at thoughtfully approaching issues from all sides will be his greatest asset serving the district in St. Paul. I once worked at the Capitol in St. Paul, and I have seen firsthand the type of legislators who are effective and those who are not. I am confident that Jurgens will be an excellent state representative, much in the mold of Denny McNamara.

While I am unable to vote for Jurgens this election myself, since I no longer live in his district, I really wish I could, and I would encourage those of you fortunate enough to have the ability to vote for Jurgens to do so.