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In support of Tony Jurgens

To the editor,

I am asking to support Tony Jurgens for the Minnesota Legislature by casting your vote for him on Nov. 8.

Moving to Cottage Grove many years ago, Jurgens became active in this community and at his church, St. Elizabeth, in Hastings. Among his many actives in Cottage Grove is being a member of the Cottage Grove Economic Development Authority and the Cottage Grove Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee. Jurgens also serves on the Washington County Library Board.

Jurgens will bring to the Legislature the same talents he finely honed building his own business. Jurgens has used these same talents to provide direction and leadership to many projects in Cottage Grove, Washington County and in his congregation. In 2017 and 2018, he will provide this same quality of leadership in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

This will all come about as Jurgens applies his abilities of idea generation, verbal skills to communicate his ideas, working with others to refine his concept and his persuasiveness to sell the concept to others. Jurgens will be a leader in turning around the Minnesota House of Representatives into a positive group to rebuild a better Minnesota.

I served with Jurgens on the Cottage Grove Charter Commission. Jurgens is a leader and deserves your vote for a better stronger Minnesota.