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In support of Tony Jurgens

To the editor,

I am not a Republican. I am not particularly conservative either. However, I feel compelled to write this letter in support of Tony Jurgens for election to the Minnesota House of Representatives for District 54B. In this case, party affiliation should not even enter into the decision. We could not ask for a better person to represent our community.

I know firsthand what a caring, compassionate, collaborative representative Jurgens can be. I first worked with him as a member of the Cottage Grove Charter Commission. He was our vice chair and did an excellent job. He moderated meetings in a calm, courteous manner, listening to all points of view, helping us to reach decisions without drama or rancor. I have also worked with Jurgens as a member of the Washington County Library Board. He brought the same previously mentioned skills to that position as well. I have no reservations in encouraging everyone in District 54B to send Jurgens to the House on Nov. 8.