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Letter: Overby says she's ‘fighting for changes…’

To the editor,

In response to the reader who writes “Campaign rhetoric matters:” YES, the Independent Party in CD2 has endorsed me, Paula Overby, as its candidate.

People are feeling alienated from politics, I do believe President Lyndon Johnson described it best when he said; “politics is about rewarding your friends and punishing your enemies.” This causes the extreme polarization of our two party system. Nothing is getting done in Washington D.C.

Candidates know this so they are attempting to distance themselves from their parties. Jason Lewis describes himself as the independent voice. Angie Craig states, “If I don’t upset the Democratic Party in my first term, I won’t be representing the district well.”

This is just more political rhetoric. What people really want is non-partisan politics like we have in our city councils, school boards and county commissioners.

What makes me an Independent candidate is the fact that only I am funded by individual donors — and not the PAC’s, Funds, Committees and corporate donors that my opponents are working for receive their money from and are responsive to.

My two opponents are unwilling to face the public in open forums against my candidacy where I am advocating for you, the citizen — and where you as a citizen can ask a question. My opponents have withdrawn from (1) Farmfest, (2) the League of Women Voters forum at St. Olaf University,( 3) the Dakota County Chamber of Commerce forum, (4) the Jewish women’s forum and even (5) the Veterans Forum. Have they nothing to share with farmers, students, women, business people and veterans?

Only Jason Lewis and Angie Craig were allowed to participate in the Minnesota Public Radio debate and an upcoming debate on KSTP, which is owned by one of Jason Lewis’s contributors (who just so happens to be a extraordinarily wealthy individual). Tom Hauser himself informed me that I was being excluded from the debate.

I’m fighting for changes in our political process that will allow for informed and meaningful choices. I want you to meet the candidates in a fully representative debate.

Thank you for a great question.