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Letter: In response to veteran’s letter

To the editor,

I feel compelled to respond to a fellow veteran’s attack on Angie Craig’s advocacy for veterans while at St. Jude Medical. My war was Vietnam, your war was Iraq, and we probably are both bitter about the outcomes and the terrible losses incurred.

However, to attack a civilian who has successfully instituted a veteran’s job hiring program is just mean-spirited and I believe quite inaccurate. Unlike John Kline, our current Congressman, who has patted himself on the back (as you say) for years for every improvement to his son’s, his wife’s, and his own veteran’s benefits he was able to lobby through Congress, Angie stood to gain nothing from her advocacy for veterans. Now that she has decided to run for political office, it certainly is fair for her campaign committee to inform the rest of us of that successful advocacy. It is just one more achievement for which she can be justly proud.

Trying to smear Angie Craig by insinuating that she (a human resources executive) had anything to do with pricing (a marketing executive’s responsibility) at St. Jude Medical is misguided at the least and a total distortion at the worst. I will conclude it is probably due to your misunderstanding of how manufacturing companies manage themselves. Vice presidents lead and are responsible for results in separate company functions. Human resources has nothing to do with marketing or lobbying activities.

Although you evidently believe that Angie Craig’s campaign funds itself by huge, tainted donations, I have joined many others and sent my small retiree-sized donation to Angie Craig for Congress. I will proudly vote for her as the only rational alternative to what my former political party has placed on the ballot.

Welcome home and thank you for your service.