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Letter: In support of Lisa Leifeld

To the editor,

I’ve known Lisa Siebenaler Leifeld for a number of years. We met at RJ’s in downtown Hastings while she was working there as a waitress. Since then I have gotten to know her a great deal!

Since knowing Lisa, I’ve learned a lot from her and about her. She will fight for what she believes in and won’t back down.

Her desire to always want to help others and listen to what they have to say are enough for her to have my vote! I’ve listened to her talk about Hastings even before she decided to run for her position. She definitely represents her home town. I believe she would make an excellent representative for us here in Hastings.

A lot of people know Lisa through the various places she has worked throughout Hastings, most recently Wells Fargo Bank in Hastings, and have gotten the chance to know her as well; I’m sure they would agree.