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Letter: ‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a fearsome predator’

To the editor,

I have been a quiet observer of the predatory pedophile behavior of some sub-humans masquerading as Roman Catholic priest for many years. Having attended Catholic school here in Hastings for 8 years, I was surprised to learn that I actually knew at least one of them.

But I, for one, fail to see this as a priest problem. What does the profession of the assailant have to do with anything? If someone, anyone assaults a child, then that person needs to be locked up. If that person’s supervisor/employer knows about that assault and covers it up, then we have two people that need to be locked up. When it comes to pedophilia, experts say that even with treatment, recidivism is likely. What rate of cure can we expect if a criminal is simply moved from one opportunity to another?

To tolerate such evil in our midst should be recognized as the shame that it is. A wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a fearsome predator.