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Photo recap: Hastings High School fall play

In the opening scene of "All My Sons," the audience is introduced to the majority of the play's characters during a conversation between Chris Keller (left) and his father Joe Keller (right). Chris, played by Sawyer Schmitt, and Joe, played by Will Sorg, are two of the play's main characters. Photos by Rachel Fergus / RiverTown Multimedia1 / 5
Students of Hastings High School performed "All My Sons" on Saturday, Nov. 10. From left to right: Sawyer Schmitt, Will Sorg and Eliana Lawrence. 2 / 5
On the left, Kate Keller (played by Faith Forstad) talks with Ann Deever (Eliana Lawrence) about their families. 3 / 5
The set for Hasting High School's fall play: Arthur Miller's "All My Sons."4 / 5
Faith Forstad and Will Sorg, who played Joe and Kate Keller in "All My Sons," prepare to take their final bow and leave the stage. 5 / 5

During the weekend of Veterans Day, students at Hastings High School performed "All My Sons," a play set in the 1940s. The play by Arthur Miller focuses on the Keller and Deever families and how they were impacted by World War II.

The performance by the Hastings students led the crowd through a variety of emotions. Laughs rang out in response to jokes, many audience members flinched when a well-executed stage slap echoed through the auditorium, and near the end of the performance there were noses blown and tears wiped.

"All My Sons" has about a 90-minute runtime and only has 10 cast members.