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First youth mud run held near Hastings

The older youth were expected to get a little muddy in their mud pool. They had to crawl through a pool of muddy water under some branches.

Last Saturday morning, almost 100 kids appeared at Spring Lake Park Reserve to conquer obstacles, crawl through some mud and run.

It was the first ever youth mud run, hosted by Mojo Exercise Company and the Hastings YMCA.

“Overall it went really well,” said Jenny Wilcox, founder of Mojo Exercise Company.

Wilcox’s organization is a non-profit focused on getting people – especially kids – more active. The youth mud run was one step toward that goal.

The event featured various lengths of running courses that included several obstacles, such as a mud pool, rock wall, jumps, a ball pit and more.

“All the kids had an awesome time,” Wilcox said.

The turnout was impressive for a first-year event.

“We were very pleased with the turnout,” she said. “My goal was 50 (kids) and we had almost 100.”

Participants ranged in age from 3 to 17.

The funds raised at the event will go back to the schools each student attends. The school with the most students involved – Hastings Middle School, with 15 students – not only will receive the largest chunk of the money but will also be given a trophy. Christa McAuliffe Elementary School had the second highest number of students at the run.

Youth didn’t come just from Hastings. Wilcox said there were 31 schools represented from all over, including Northfield, Rochester and even one in Louisiana.

The bulk of the funds raised will go back to the schools represented. The rest will be given to the YMCA’s Y Partners program and the Y camp where the event was held.

Wilcox said she’s planning more youth mud runs. One is already scheduled in the fall in Newport. A second run could be held either in Eagan or Hastings.

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