Gifts of 'peace and 'beauty': Redlin gives back to Hastings Veterans Home with art


A priceless experience with the residents at the Hastings Veterans Home prompted a former employee to donate 130 pieces of art.

"We are so excited to be able to receive these paintings and then offer them to our veterans for their rooms," said Sue Register of the veterans home.

The donated pieces will be used as Christmas gifts for the residents to decorate their rooms. The residents will have a choice of two different sizes of artwork and a number of different prints.

Each piece of artwork is a print of one of Terry Redlin's paintings. Register said Redlin is the perfect artist for paintings in the home because of the feeling of goodness in his work and the beautiful landscape pieces.

"The Hastings Veterans Home is thankful for those who help bring peace and beauty into the lives of our veterans," Register said.

The paintings were donated by Charles Redlin, Terry's son. Charles grew up in Hastings and worked at the Hastings Veterans Home from 1980-82. His father was always a fan of veterans too.

Charles remembers joking around with the residents when he worked there. Being his first job out of high school, he was a little naive. Charles said he remembers the residents telling him in a facetious tone that he would learn a lot by working at there. Looking back on it now, Charles said he really did learn a lot.

"Talk about the ultimate education in getting yourself prepared for life," he said.

While his job at the veterans home was working in the food service area, housekeeping and general repair, Charles spent a lot of time talking with the residents. They taught him about life and he enjoyed listening to their stories. He wanted to hear what they had to say, he said.

It was a priceless experience and a difficult job to leave, Charles said. It was a special time in his life and he now has an affinity for the place. It is for those reasons that he immediately thought to donate the works of art to the residents when he found them sitting in storage at his work, RAI Properties.

He hopes the small donating will act as a small "thank you" to the veterans home for giving him such a great experience.