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DAKOTA COUNTY: 9/18/18 County Board Minutes

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 11:22pm

Unapproved Summary of Proceedings
Dakota County Board of Commissioners
September 18, 2018
The Dakota County Board of Commissioners met on September 18, 2018, and took
action with respect to the following matters:
Approvals/Authorizations: County Board Meeting Minutes – September 4, 2018. Public Hearings to Receive Comments and Approve Program Year 2017 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report and on Proposed Drawdown of Thompson Lake for Construction of Contaminated Sediment Removals and Stormwater
Improvement Project in Thompson County Park. Final Plats Recommended by Plat Commission. Settlements with Stanley and Marilyn Overby (Parcel 34) for CP 50-19 and Thomas Logan (Parcel 45) for CP 50-23 Acquisitions. Purchase Cyber Security Insurance with National Union Fire Insurance. Select Consultant for Design and
Engineering of MN River Greenway Fort Snelling Segment. Submit Comments on Draft 2040 Metropolitan Council Regional Park Policy Plan Update. Execute Agreement to Provide Legal Services to Metro Alliance for Healthy Families. Release Draft 2019- 2023 CIP for Formal Review. Joint Powers Agreements (JPA) with City of West St. Paul for Acquisition and Construction of River to River Regional Greenway Robert Street Grade-Separated Crossing and Trail Connections and School Districts for Early Intervention Services. Amend JPA with City of West St. Paul for CP 8-21. Revised JPA with Dakota County Drug Task Force. Contracts with Veolia ES Technical
Solutions, L.L.C., and Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc., for Hazardous Waste Management, Mental Health Resources to Provide Housing Support
Administration Services on Behalf of the Metro Area Housing Coordinating Board, Ebert, Inc. for Pleasant Hill Library Renovation, SRF Consulting Group, Inc., for
Professional Design Services for 2018 Lake Byllesby Regional Park Master Plan
Improvements Project and Max Steininger, Inc., for Construction of Thompson Lake Contaminated Sediment Removal and Stormwater Improvement Project Within Thompson County Park. Adoptions of 2018-2038 Dakota County Solid Waste Master Plan and 2019 Certified Dakota County Maximum Proposed Property Tax Levy. Scheduling of 2019 County Board/Committee of the Whole Meetings, Workshops and Public Hearings. Overview of Revisions to Policy 2002 Budget Compliance and Policy 2751 Solicitation, Grant and Contract. Ratification of State Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Parks and Trails Legacy Fund Grants. Provide Direction on MRRT Rosemount West Segment Interim Plan for Trail Connection and Discussions with City of Rosemount on Pine Bend Trail. Update on Whitetail Woods Regional Park Master Plan Improvement Project with Additional Camping Options and Authorization to Prepare Schematic
Design Alternatives. Proclaim Week of October 8-12, 2018 as Annual Giving Week in Dakota County and October 2018 as Cyber Security Awareness Month. Schedule a Public Hearing to Hear Comments on Classification of Tax-Forfeited Properties as Non-Conservation.
Information Items: Reports – Invoices Paid in August 2018.
The next regular Dakota County Board meeting will be held October 9, 2018, at 9:00 a.m.
The full text of these official proceedings is available for public inspection at County Administration Center, 1590 Highway 55, Hastings, MN.