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St. Luke's invites the community to music, praise, worship

St. Luke's Episcopal Church is introducing a new, different community worship service - music, praise and more music - at 7 p.m. Sunday, June 9.

Light the Way, the idea of Dan Rowan, son of the church's youth minister Mary Rowan, is nondenominational and will be different, described Lyn VanDeSteeg, Vestry Committee member.

"This is going to be a place for praise, music, worship and a short talk," she said.

It will be very different from a traditional church service. Members of the church's clergy, Robert Langenfeld and Frank VanDeSteeg, will be present, but will not be wearing their usual pastoral attire.

"What is really neat is that it is an idea of Dan; it's his idea. He talked to his mom," said VanDeSteeg. "She told us that he and his band present this service in the Cities, and while they like doing it, they wanted to do something closer to home."

VanDeSteeg and Mary Rowan then attended one of the services and were totally supportive of bringing it to St. Luke's and Hastings.

"'I'm all for it,' I said after attending the service," said VanDeSteeg. "It was a wonderful service, but not typical."

First, there was "lots of music," as there will be here, she said. The service begins with music, there is a short talk, prayer requests and more music.

"It is very non-traditional," she said. "It is really non-denominational. It is so uplifting."

St. Luke's pastors, Vestry Committee members have been very supportive.

"This is another opportunity for worship," said VanDeSteeg. "It is really wonderful."

Plus, it is another way to reach the younger members of the community, those who are not connected to the traditional church worship service. While Light the Way is geared to the younger population, it is open to everyone, VanDeSteeg stressed.

She indicated the church had wanted to do a community worship for quite some time, but the big question was about bringing and possibly having to pay the band. That obviously has been resolved.

Dan Rowan will be bringing members of his band to play and lead the service. A free-will offering collected anonymously will help offset the band's costs.

The service will be a casual one in a relaxed atmosphere. There will be no printed programs; the songs' words will be displayed on a screen, prayer requests will be written on paper, then taped to the prayer wall. The service will be about an hour.

Light the Way will be held on the second and fourth Sunday of each month.

"This is a new type of service, completely different, another way to reach out in worship," said VanDeSteeg.

The name is from the Bible: "It is you who light my lamp; the Lord, my God, lights up my darkness." Psalm 18:28.

The church is located at Seventh and Vermillion streets. Additional information is available on the church's web