Farmers Insurance to move into new building in Hastings


Farmers Insurance in Hastings will have a new location to call home after the Labor Day weekend.

Shane Lanning, owner of Farmers Insurance at 1640 S. Frontage Road, will be moving to a new building.

Beginning Sept. 5, the Pearson Lanning Agency of Farmer's Insurance will be open for business at 1350 South Frontage Road.

"It's just got such a charm that you just don't see every day," Lanning said.

The lease for the current location of the agency was coming to an end so Lanning said that they began searching for a new building to own. When they came across the building between Wells Fargo and McDonald's on South Frontage Road, the space fit within their checklist. The building has been sitting vacant for several years and was formally used as a restaurant and a law office.

The building was acquired by the agency in April and renovations began immediately. Lanning said that it was important to him to utilize local vendors for the renovation; however, they did have to go with one non-local vendor due to the difference in price range.

Lanning said that one of the things they wanted to do was keep everything energy efficient so the HVAC system was redone. In addition, the building is handicapped accessible, the parking lot was repaved and the landscaping was updated.

Inside the building, Lanning said that it was important to create an environment that is warm and welcoming. There will be new office furniture and even a hospitality bar. The area will include a space to make a cup of coffee, get water or have some snacks.

"I just wanted it to feel as welcoming as possible," Lanning said.

The Pearson Lanning Agency was first established in 1961 by Dale Pearson. The location has moved a few times over the years hitting almost all four corners of Hastings. Lanning said that he see's the new building as the home of the Pearson Lanning Agency for at least the next 25 years or so.