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New crossfit gym aims to put fun into fitness

Going to a gym should be fun. At least that’s how Jeff Tait sees it. That’s why he’s opened a new gym in Hastings, where people can take advantage of community support while pushing themselves to new levels of fitness.

Crossfit HSC is a different sort of gym experience. The space is mostly open, with little in the way of machines, and no mirrors on the walls. Instead of sending people to work on their goals alone, Crossfit brings people together to exercise and support each other as a community group.

With little equipment in the gym, the question is how members push themselves to be more fit. The answer is “high intensity functional movement,” Tait said. Crossfit focuses on strengthening the body in ways it’s used in everyday life — things like running, jumping, throwing, squatting, pulling and picking things up. Much of the work is tied to weight conditioning and gymnastics, Tait said.

The model also allows people of vastly different physical skills to work out together on the same routine at the same time. The intensity of each exercise is scaled to each individual, so everyone can work toward an individual goal while participating in the group.

The thing that really sets Crossfit apart, though, is that it’s not so much a training style as it is a training attitude.

“It’s more of a lifestyle,” Tait said.

Crossfit brings like-minded individuals together for mutual support as they work toward their individual goals. Group members suffer and laugh together, Tait said. Being part of a group also helps people keep working, since everyone helps hold each other accountable.

For Tait, Crossfit was a refreshing change from the gyms he was accustomed to. He travels for his regular job and would visit gyms all around the country. When he first encountered a Crossfit gym, he thought he was in good shape, he said. But the program pushed him further, and now he says he’s in the best shape of his life. At 34 years old, he feels like he’s still in his 20s, he said.

After getting to know the program, Tait decided he wanted to share his experience with others, so he decided to launch his own Crossfit gym. He wanted to create a fitness environment that was fun for people, he said, and he also wanted to his two daughters to see that women can be strong.

Tait teamed up with Eric Chapman to open Crossfit HSC in Hastings. They chose Hastings because the city already has a strong community feel, which is core to the Crossfit style.

“We love the community aspect Hastings has,” Tait said.

People new to Crossfit will go through an introductory class that covers the fundamentals and helps people learn how to move correctly. Chapman and Tait also talk about healthy nutrition so people can extend their fitness to their diet.

After the fundamentals course, members attend the classes they want. Classes are held from morning hours into the evening. Members can track their workouts throughout the year and see what progress they’ve made.

Crossfit HSC is located at 2911 Enterprise Ave., Suite C, in the Hastings Industrial Park.

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