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Birds soar to children and adults delight

After the program concluded Lenore, an African white-naped raven, accepted donations from the audience including Emily Thorsheim and Emma Christensen from Hudson. Photo by Margaret A. Ontl2 / 2

The Carpenter St. Croix Nature Center reached out to over 1,410 people during its Owl and Other Masters of the Sky event. Over half were school-age children.

This is the third year the center has been able to offer this educational show by the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis, Mo., with the help of the following sponsors: Hastings Lions Club, 3M, CF Industries and two anonymous donors, one from the Hastings VFW.

Whether you are an adult or one of the hundreds of school children who had the opportunity to listen and watch the program, narrated by Teri Schroer, director of education for the World Bird Sanctuary, a thrill probably went through you as one of the birds of prey flew silently over your head, inches above your hair.

Over 760 attended shows held at the center, beginning Friday evening through Sunday.

On Monday the staff went on the road to Hastings Middle School and Oltman Middle School in St. Paul Park to present the show to 650 seventh-grade students.

Schroer, Cathy Spahn (also from the WBS) and center staff presented ten birds including a raven, vulture, eagle, four types of owls and three types of hawks.

Each bird is named and Schroer entertains the audience while educating about each species and the nuances of its natural habitat and life cycle. The bigger message is the importance of saving the habitats and environmental awareness.

One of the missions of the Carpenter St. Croix Nature Center is education. The center has preserved over 700 acres of land along the St. Croix River. The Hastings location is situated on 425 acres.

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