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No walleyes for Mom on Mother's Day

In a twist of calendar fate that occurs every few years, Mother's Day will not fall on the fishing opener this year. Minnesota's fishing opener is May 15. Mother's Day will be celebrated on May 9.

Here's how it works: The Minnesota fishing opener, as decided several years ago by the Legislature, is always two weekends before the Memorial Day weekend. Often, Memorial Day weekend is early enough that it pushes the fishing opener back to Mother's Day. But not every year. This year, Memorial Day weekend is the last weekend in May.

So, what does that mean? First, it means that anglers will be able to honor their mothers on a weekend that is not diluted by the fishing opener.

But it also means that Take-a-Mom Fishing Weekend -- when Minnesota resident moms may fish without a license -- occurs on May 8 and 9, when walleye season is not open. So, moms, you'll be able to catch crappies and sunfish, for which the season is open year-around, but no walleyes until May 15.