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(Update) Deer numbers down in Pierce County, up in west-central Wisconsin

Preliminary totals of the first two days of the gun-deer season show a slight decline in harvest totals for Pierce County but a slight uptick in harvest numbers across the west-central part of the state.

According to the west-central office of the DNR, the 19-county west central region, the opening weekend buck harvest is up 13 percent. The antlerless harvest (preliminary estimate) is down five percent and the total deer harvest for opening weekend in is up 3 percent, compared to opening weekend in 2009.

In Pierce County however the hunt numbers were down slightly from 2009. A preliminary total of 1,604 deer were registered over the weekend compared to 1,655 in 2009.

The number of licenses sold in the county was also down slightly in 2010 to 4,968 for the nine-day gun-deer season. This follows a decade-long decline. For example, in 2000, some 6,271 licenses were sold.

Here is the precise breakdown of the first weekend's totals by deer station:

ELLSWORTH SPEEDWAY/SA 152 antlered 177 antlerless 329 total

ELMWOOD SANDBAR TOO 91 antlered 137 antlerless 228 total

HAGER CITY 63 EXPRESS 39 antlered 55 antlerless 94 total

MAIDEN ROCK PARK SERVICE 85 antlered 106 antlerless 191 total

MARTELL RED BARN 43 antlered 72 antlerless 115 total

PLUM CITY DEANS' BAR 127 antlered 182 antlerless 309 total

PRESCOTT PRICE RITE 29 antlered 35 antlerless 64 total

RIVER FALLS BOB AND STEVE'S 78 antlered 72 antlerless 150 total

SPRING VALLEY SNEAKER'S PUB 64 antlered 60 antlerless 124 total