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Trophy walleye

A Sunday fishing outing on Lake Pepin turned memorable for Tracy Molina of Hastings, Minn., when she reeled in this 9 ½-pound, 29-inch walleye.

"I don't get to fish as often as I would like, but it is one of my favorite pasttimes," Molina said via e-mail.

"I generally go on at least two trips a year to Mille Lacs and do alot of fishing on Lake Pepin. (We fish) mostly from shore but this year we got a boat to use and do alot of trolling."

Tracy and boyfriend Jamie Morkwed were trolling on Lake Pepin about 10:30 am, Sunday, when something grabbed her black and silver Shad Rap. It didn't take her long to boat the monster.

Morkwed swiftly netted the fish but as he was working to unhook it, the walleye fought back, jamming the barb of one of the treble hooks deep into his hand. Molina took one look was ready to reach for a cutter to clip the hook and take Morkwed to see a doctor.

Instead, Morkwed gritted his teeth and pulled the hook himself.

"We can't ruin this lure. Look at the fish it can catch!" Molina recounted.

Molina only had a few minutes to revel in her success before heading to her afternoon job but she said it was a day well-spent.