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Hastings trapshooting team continues to fare well on the shooting range

It was the final week of regular competition for the Hastings High School trapshooting team, and coach Troy Weathers called it a “great” one.

Perfect 25s were shot by sophomores Erik McBeath and Casey Langhans and also by senior captains Eli Robinson and Jacob Robinson.

“We also had a record number of shooters hit 45 for the two rounds,” Weathers said. “They were Max Baldwin, Matthew Blount, William Caturia, Nick Holm, Casey Langhans, William McBeath, Brendan McCabe, Gabbie Riveness, Eli Robinson, Jacob Robinson and Michael Wardell.”

There will be one more practice for those athletes going to the state championship in Alexandria on June 10.

Weathers said a number of volunteer coaches have made the team’s success a possibility.

“This season would not be possible without our team of volunteer coaches,” he said. “ It takes a tremendous amount of work to manage a team of 97 student trap shooters. These 16 coaches put in countless hours on and off the range to make sure everything runs smoothly and help the students improve each week. Some of these coaches do not have a child on the team but still come every week rain or shine (or snow) to help us manage this awesome group of kids.”

Coaches are Earl Robinson, Weathers, Dan Riveness, Don Baldwin, Luke Riveness, Laura Robinson, Gene Groebner, Wayne Weathers, Mark Woodward, Blake Kiernan, Darin Berg, Don Adams, Joe Caturia, Mitch Prokop, Joe Kriha and Erik McBeath. The team manager is Dawn Walker.

“When Earl and I started the team just three short years ago, we could have not imagined the overwhelming interest, encouragement and support from students, parents and the volunteer coaches,” Weathers said. “ We extend a very special thank you to all of you. We also would like to thank Tom Johnson, Hastings High School athletics director and Mike Johnson, Hastings High School principal for their encouragement and support of our program.”