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Hastings swim team has no trouble downing Cretin, 94-84

Hastings walked all over the Cretin-Derham Hall boys swimming and diving team at a meet Thursday night. Hastings won 94-84, even after swimming exhibition only in the final three events. That’s even more impressive considering much of the Hastings lineup was filled with some new faces in some big roles.

“We plugged a lot of our junior varsity guys into varsity events to try to create some races,” coach Gerry Rupp said. “We knew they were a little bit down, so we tried to create some races to make it exciting for everybody.”

Cal Gergen was one of those swimmers in a new spot. He was the winner of the 200 freestyle, breaking the two-minute barrier and finishing in 1:57.87.

Trevan Rafter also had a big swim, cutting nearly a minute off his time in the 500 freestyle. He finished in 6:53.

John Rupp cut 19 seconds in the same race.

Stephen Smith showed a nice time drop in the 100 freestyle, finishing that race in 53.03.

Hastings is now preparing for the section meet, which is Thursday, Feb. 20, and Saturday, Feb. 22. The meet is held at the Rochester Recreation Center.

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay – team of Aaron McCullough, Cole Tipler, Colby Smith and Patrick Clark, first, 1:47.19; team of Stephen Smith, Jack VanZee, Thomas Everson and Scott Christensen, second, 1:48.23.

200 freestyle – Cal Gergen, first, 1:57.87; Michael Everson, third, 2:00.25; Erik Christensen, fifth, 2:08.53.

200 individual medley – VanZee, first, 2:11.41; McCullough, second, 2:21.87; Clark, third, 2:25.85.

50 freestyle – Cole Tipler, first, 23.01; Jack Weldon, fifth, 24.33; Carter Williams, sixth, 26.74.

Diving – Vova Tipler, first, 209.20; Ethan Kimmes, third, 140.15; Chris Benson, fifth, 116.30.

100 butterfly – Tipler, first, 57.40; Michael Everson, third, 1:02.81; Carter Williams, fourth, 1:03.32.

100 freestyle – Hayden Schmitt, first, 50.68; Stephen Smith, fourth, 53.03; Bobby Moore, sixth, 56.06.

500 freestyle – Jack Weldon, first, 5:29.16; McCullough, second, 5:31.74; John Rupp, fifth, 5:56.18.

200 freestyle relay – team of Scully, Cal Gergen, Tipler and Schmitt, first, 1:34.08; team of Michael Everson, Stephen Smith, Weldon and Brandon Underwood, second, 1:36.02.

100 backstroke – Thomas Everson, 54.77; Colby Smith, 56.00; Scott Christensen, 1:08.16.

100 breaststroke – Clark, 1:13.15; Moore, 1:14.65; Scully, 1:17.53.

400 freestyle relay – team of Michael Everson, Schmitt, Trevan Rafter and Underwood, 3:39.88; team of McCullough, Colby Smith, Scott Christensen and Thomas Everson, 3:43.93; team of Weldon, Gergen, Williams and VanZee, 3:44.45.

Diving invite

Hastings played host to a unique diving meet on Saturday. It was the first Hastings diving invitational, and it drew 35 divers. It was a unique competition in that it gave each diver a chance to go through their entire 11-dive list that will be used at sections.

Daniel Monaghan of Rosemount won the meet with 452.55 points. Vova Tipler of Hastings placed eighth with 324.55 points.

Ethan Kimmes placed 28th.

Chris Benson placed 32nd.