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Hastings swim team handles Park with ease, 93-85

The Hastings swimming and diving team picked up another Suburban East Conference win this week. The Raiders handily dispatched the Park Wolfpack, 93-85, in a meet that wasn’t nearly that close. Hastings swam exhibition-only in the final three events to surrender a few points to Park.

Just how dominant Hastings was to be was clear after the event’s first race, the 200 medley relay. Not only did the top Hastings team come in nine seconds ahead of Park, but the second Hastings team also beat the top Park team.

That gave the Raiders a big lead right away, and they never looked back.

Among the highlights of the meet was the performance that Vova Tipler turned in as a diver. He scored a season-high 220.55 points to win the meet.

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay – team of Hayden Schmitt, Jack VanZee, Jack Weldon and Cole Tipler, first, 1:47.65; team of Aaron McCullough, Bobby Moore, Brandon Underwood and Vova Tipler, second, 1:56.02.

200 freestyle – Colby Smith, first, 1:50.46; Thomas Everson, second, 1:50.78; Jackson Gergen, fifth, 2:11.84.

200 individual medley – Tipler, first, 2:12.52; McCullough, third, 2:21.18.

50 freestyle – VanZee, first, 22.98; Weldon, fourth, 24.24; Trevan Rafter, 26.30.

Diving – Vova Tipler, first, 220.55; Ethan Kimmes, fifth, 124.30; Chris Benson, 94.90.

100 butterfly – Underwood, first, 55.79; Tipler, second, 58.42; Stephen Smith, fourth, 1:02.13.

100 freestyle – Smith, first, 50.24; Weldon, third, 53.75; McCullough, fifth, 56.12.

500 freestyle – VanZee, first, 4:55.80; Thomas Everson, second, 5:04.39; Erik Christensen, fifth, 5:35.03.

200 freestyle relay – team of Hayden Schmitt, Underwood, Colby Smith and Thomas Everson, first, 1:29.98; team of Cole Tipler, Cole Scully, Weldon and Michael Everson, second, 1:36.19.

100 backstroke – Hayden Schmitt, 1:04.31; Michael Everson, 1:07.12; Sawyer Schmitt, 1:29.22.

100 breaststroke – Erik Christensen, 1:19.74.

400 freestyle relay – team of Erik Christensen, Stephen Smith, Hayden Schmitt and Thomas Everson, 3:38.63; team of Scott Christensen, Moore, Colby Smith and VanZee, 3:38.94.