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Raiders take down Bears in SEC swim meet

Hastings mixed up its lineup in a big way, but the Raiders were still able to beat White Bear Lake without any drama recently, 95-85. That said, the meet was much more competitive than it has been in the recent few years.

“White Bear continues to make positive strides in their talent,” Hastings coach Gerry Rupp said. “They are a much improved team from two years ago when they came back into the conference. They pushed our second-tier boys to the wall. There were a lot of good races.”

Among the top swims turned in by the Raiders was the win by Cal Gergen in the 500 freestyle – it was his first varsity win.

“That was a very impressive race,” Rupp said. “The last 25 yards, he was challenged by Mikey Everson. Cal was not going to be denied. He answered the challenge and held off Everson for the win.”

The swimmers of the meet were Gergen and Trevan Rafter, who came close to breaking the one-minute mark in the 100 freestyle.

“For a kid who came in and really didn’t have any experience at all, to get close to a minute, four weeks into the season, is great,” Rupp said. “He’s working hard. He’s really figuring some things out.”

In diving, Vova Tipler scored above 200 points again and placed second. Ethan Kimmes turned in his best score and placed fourth.

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay – team of Thomas Everson, Colby Smith, Jack Weldon and Cole Scully, first, 1:48.43; team of Stephen Smith, Patrick Clark, Jack VanZee and Erik Christensen, third, 1:57.52; team of Cal Gergen, Carter Williams, Bobby Moore and Ethan Kimmes, 2:05.37.

200 freestyle – Michael Everson, first, 2:02.55; Aaron McCullough, fourth, 2:06.33; Jack Gergen, fifth, 2:08.48.

200 individual medley – Cole Tipler, first, 2:13.31; Jack Weldon, third, 2:15.05; Cal Gergen, fourth, 2:23.12.

50 freestyle – Cole Scully, first, 24.87; Stephen Smith, second, 24.99; Carter Williams, fifth, 26.58.

Diving – Vova Tipler, second, 204.00; Ethan Kimmes, fourth, 129.90; Stephen Smith, 115.60.

100 butterfly – Thomas Everson, first, 54.82; Bobby Moore, fifth, 1:07.22; Erik Christensen, 1:09.14.

100 freestyle – Cole Scully, first, 55.23; Scott Christensen, fifth, 59.12; Patrick Clark, 1:01.51.

500 freestyle – Gergen, first, 5:33.96; Michael Everson, second, 5:36.76; Williams, fourth, 5:56.41.

200 freestyle relay – team of Tipler, Stephen Smith, Benson and Scully, first, 1:41.82; team of Colby Smith, Rafter, Rupp and Thomas Everson, second, 1:42.20.

100 backstroke – VanZee, first, 58.36; Weldon, third, 1:03.57; Moore, fifth, 1:11.64.

100 breaststroke – Smith, 1:05.05; Clark, 1:13.941; Erik Christensen, 1:17.64.

400 freestyle relay – team of Thomas Everson, Gergen, Michael Everson and Cole Tipler, 3:40.54; team of VanZee, Weldon, McCullough and Colby Smith, 3:41.84; team of Scott Christensen, Moore, Jack Gergen and Williams, 4:02.47.

Junior varsity

The Hastings junior varsity team beat White Bear, 54-50.

Here are the results from the junior varsity meet:

200 medley relay – team of Cole Tipler, Scott Christensen, John Rupp and Trevan Rafter, first, 2:05.84.

200 individual medley – Chris Benson, first, 2:40.45; Trevan Rafter, second, 2:46.85; John Rupp, third, 2:51.11.

Diving – Chris Benson, first, 96.75.

100 butterfly – McCullough, first, 1:05.37; Gergen, second, 1:10.17.

100 freestyle – Rafter, first, 1:03.13; Sawyer Schmitt, third, 1:17.73.

200 freestyle relay – team of Kimmes, McCullough, Schmitt and Gergen, first, 1:56.56.

100 breaststroke – Kimmes, 1:21.66; Rupp, 1:37.74; Schmitt, 1:47.56.