Moms on the Run race at Grandma's Marathon


A group of women from the Moms on the Run running group in Hastings participated in the Grandma's half marathon June 17 in Duluth. Moms on the Run coach Kari Wartner and volunteer coach Emily Hauck ran the race along with Lynette Schmaltz, Stacey Fischbach, Amy Johnson, Katie Engrav, Kelly Fox and Betsy Trondson.

The results from the race are as follows:

Betsy Trondson, 3:11:25

Kelly Fox, 3:08:37

Katie Engrav, 2:45:54

Amy Johnson, 2:39:21

Stacey Fischbach, 2:24:09

Lynette Schmaltz, 2:20:45

Emily Hauck, 1:44:04

Kari Wartner, 1:42:38