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2016 Rivertown Days tennis tournament results

Hastings’ annual Rivertown Days celebration held a weekend-long tennis tournament bringing people of all ages for some friendly competition.

The Rivertown Days tournament is a non-sanctioned USTA event sponsored by the Hastings Tennis Association (HTA) and the Hastings Women’s Tennis League, according to the HTA website. Proceeds from the event are used to support player development at the junior and adult levels in Hastings and surrounding communities.

The tournament was held July 14-17. The final results of the event are included here.

Boys singles

U14: First place, Jake Kuemmel, second place, Luke Pfluger and consolation goes to Charlie Scharr.

U16: First place, Eric Howd, second place, Matias Erickson and consolation goes to James Scharr.

U18: First place, Grant Hollar, second place, Josh Kuemmel and consolation goes to Brandon Kurilla.

Boys doubles

U14: First place, Luke Pfluger and Zachary Biernat, second place, Charlie Scharr and Lucas Ussatis.

U18: First place, Matias Erickson and James Williams, second place, Josh Kuemmel and Jake Kuemmel, consolation goes to Luke Johnson and Joe Zak.

Girls singles

U12: First place, Maggie Schlottman, second place, Charlotte Kranz, consolation goes to Jamie Friberg.

U14: First place, Amy Roach, second place, Katey Eickhoff, consolation goes to Audrey Langworthy.

U16/18: First place, Maeli Martin, second place, Emily Beyer, consolation goes to Kaitlyn Weyer.

Girls doubles

U14: First place, Anri Sakakibara and Audrey Langworthy, second place, Ariana Devereux and Katie Eickhoff.

U18: First place, Sam Engrav and Gabby Potthoff, second place, Erin Henrichs and Elizabeth Henrichs, consolation goes to Emily Beyer and Lauren Jelley.

Men singles

Division one: First place, Austin Houska, second place, Danny Steiner, consolation goes to Derek Kieckhoffer.

Division two: First place, Steven Roach, second place, Shane Rother.

Over 40: First place, William Knight, second place, Cris Glade.

Men doubles

Division one: First place, Josh Houska and Austin Houska, second place, Josh Andraschka and Brian Biernat, consolation goes to Cody Arndtson and Alex Zuzek.

Division two: First place, Isaac Gamoran and Steven Roach, second place, Craig Nielson and Joe Dittrich, consolation goes to Cole Pottinger and Randy Pottinger.

Women singles

Division one: First place, Angie Beissel, second place, Taylor Monkman, consolation goes to Anna Foster.

Women doubles

Division one: First place, Taylor Reiners and Laura Edwards, second place, Amanda Hiatt and Sarah Cornelius, consolation goes to Angie Beissel and Kaitlyn Dennis.

Division two: First place, Savannah Bray and Kayla Ross, second place, Rachel Allgor and Katie Steiner.

Junior mixed doubles

U14: First place Audrey Langworthy and Charlie Scharr, second place, Erika Henrichs and Brady Zak, consolation goes to Charlotte Kranz and Owen Bakker.

U18 Division one: First place, Elizabeth Henrichs and Brady Gullicks, second place, Maeli Martin and Luke Johnson, consolation Amy Roach and John Rupp.

U18 Division two: First place, Anna Lindner and Eric Howd, second place Natalie Shofner and Brian Nielsen, consolation goes to Jake Givens and Sarah Howd.

Adult mixed doubles

Division one: First place, Jill Weinzettel and Craig Nielsen, second place, Laura Edwards and Derek Kieckhafer, consolation goes Angie Beissel and Cody Arndtson.

Division two: First place, Marissa Welch and Adam Wech, second place, Linda Aasen and Rick Hancks, consolation goes to Taylor Monkman and Alex Albright.