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Rangers prove to be no obstacle for Raiders

The Hastings girls swimming and diving team cruised to an impressive 95-86 win over Forest Lake last week in a Suburban East Conference dual meet.

The athlete of the meet for the Raiders was diver Britta Johnson, who won the meet. She had her lifetime best score on her six-dive list at 141.95.

Johnson also swam on two relays and had a personal best in the 50 freestyle.

“Our divers have shown an interest in trying swimming,” coach Katie McAlpin said. “It has been fun watching them swim. The first time (Johnson and Alaina Kremer) came back from their race and said how much respect they have for the swimmers. The swimmers share the same feeling about the divers. Most of them cannot do what the divers do.”

On paper, the meet wasn’t going to be a competitive one, so McAlpin mixed up her lineup. The team’s top eight swimmers swam in just one individual event, giving the junior varsity swimmers a chance to race varsity.

“We also balanced out all the relays to under a second of each other going into the race, and the kids swam for ice cream gift cards,” McAlpin said. “Thanks to Schoolhouse Scoop for donating to the competition. It gave the kids a little extra incentive.”

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay – team of Brina Kari, Helen Jensen, Mariah Wallace and Ellie Wallace, first, 1:59.53; team of Morgan McCullough, Abbie Gjelhaug, Valya Tipler and Grace Hausman, second, 2:00.66; team of Kelly Leonard, Allissa Smith, Rosie Pechous and Breanna Kimmes, third, 2:03.05.

200 freestyle – Leonard, first, 2:04.22; Walker, second, 2:10.61; Megan Jahnke, 2:25.84.

200 individual medley – Gjelhaug, first, 2:19.78; Nikki Girgen, second, 2:33.44; Christina Gillard, fourth, 2:37.18.

50 freestyle – McCullough, first, 26.26; Jenna Spitzack, fifth, 28.16; Wallace, 28.46.

Diving – Britta Johnson, first, 141.95; Alaina Kremer, fourth, 117.80; Madi Ficker, fifth, 109.00.

100 butterfly – Hausman, first, 1:05.63; Girgen, third, 1:12.34; Tipler, fourth, 1:13.70.

100 freestyle – Mariah Wallace, third, 58.97; Walker, fifth, 1:02.58; Pechous, 1:03.63.

500 freestyle – Spitzack, first, 5:46.12; Kari, second, 5:56.81; Gillard, fifth, 6:26.28.

200 freestyle relay – team of Girgen, Gjelhaug, Leonard and Kari, first, 1:47.03; team of Tipler, Walker, McCullough and Smith, second, 1:48.56; team of Kimmes, Gillard, Jensen and Hausman, third, 1:48.93.

100 backstroke – Smith, first, 1:00.87; Pechous, fifth, 1:18.07; C.J. Kremer, 1:20.53.

100 breaststroke — Jensen, 1:14.96; Tipler, 1:20.71; Mariah Wallace, 1:24.90.

400 freestyle relay – team of Kimmes, Mariah Wallace, Hausman and Smith, 3:52.83; team of Walker, Spitzack, Gjelhaug and Kari, 3:56.39; team of Gillard, Leonard, McCullough and Jensen, 4:03.60.

Edina meet

Hastings competed at a meet in Edina over the weekend.

“This meet was a little different for us,” McAlpin said. “We do not usually see any of the teams that we swam against except at the state meet. The meet is for the purpose of setting up good races for the kids. There is no score kept. It is for any level of swimmer. The swimmers are placed in a heat with other swimmers that are close to their times.”

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay – team of Leonard, Smith, Walker and Gillard, fourth, 1:59.97.; team of Spitzack, Sara Ficker, Madi Ficker and Gretta Utecht, 14th, 2:14.10; team of Hannah Harris, Savannah Caroon, Abby Knapp and C.J. Kremer, 2:35.24.

200 freestyle – Hausman, seventh, 2:04.41; Jensen, 13th, 2:09.67; Girgen, 2:17.32; Pechous, 2:22.87; Gillard, 2:25.88.

200 individual medley – Leonard, fourth, 2:22.21; McCullough, seventh, 2:28.45; Walker, 11th, 2:32.67.

50 freestyle – Smith, first, 25.45; Kremer, 30.98; Kayla Schindler, 32.36; Harris, 35.02; Sydney Clark, 36.65.

Diving – Alaina Kremer, 11th, 112.40; Sara Ficker, 12th, 111.90; Madi Ficker, 15th, 107.25.

100 butterfly – Spitzack, sixth, 1:04.43; Walker, ninth, 1:07.57; Utecht, 1:20.08; Knapp, 1:22.55.

100 freestyle – Leonard, fourth, 58.69; Pechous, 15th, 1:05.46; Kremer, 1:11.24; Savannah Caroon, 1:21.88; Clark, 1:27.19.

500 freestyle – McCullough, sixth, 5:40.21; Girgen, 15th, 6:03.57.

200 freestyle relay – team of Hausman, Leonard, McCullough and Jensen, fifth, 1:46.62; team of Pechous, Spitzack, Sara Ficker and Girgen, 14th, 1:57.84; team of Kremer, Schindler, Madi Ficker and Clark, 2:13.66.

100 backstroke – Smith, second, 1:00.57; Ellie Wallace, 12th, 1:09.70; Utecht, 1:27.77; Harris, 1:33.65; Caroon, 1:37.49.

100 breaststroke – Jensen, third, 1:15.24; Hausman, seventh, 1:18.49; Spitzack, ninth, 1:20.13; Knapp, 1:38.13; Schindler, 1:50.07.

400 freestyle relay – team of McCullough, Smith, Jensen and Hausman, first, 3:46.54; team of Gillard, Pechous, Walker and Girgen, 12th, 4:20.08; team of Utecht, Kremer, Harris and Caroon, 5:15.67.