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Even smaller HHS swimming team falls to Stillwater

Hastings has a small swimming and diving team as it is. That small team was even smaller last week when the Raiders traveled to Stillwater to take on the Ponies, one of the biggest teams in the conference.

The Ponies are also the best team in the conference. They cruised to a 96-82 win over the Raiders.

“This was a rough meet for us,” coach Katie McAlpin said. “The girls dug down deep and found the energy to get through it. We had six kids out sick. and on a team of 29 with four of them divers, that doesn’t leave us with much.”

The swimmer of the meet for Hastings was Rosie Pechous, who had personal best times in three of her four events.

“Rosie is a super fantastic part of our team,” McAlpin said. “She is always chipper and makes everyone laugh.”

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay — team of Brina Kari, Allissa Smith, Kelly Leonard and Grace Hausman, first, 1:53.24; team of Mariah Wallace, Jenna Spitzack, Elli Walker and Christina Gillard, fifth, 2:05.48; team of Valya Tipler, Nikki Girgen, Sara Ficker and Gretta Utecht, 2:19.28.

200 freestyle — Abbie Gjelhaug, third, 2:01.45; Morgan McCullough, fifth, 2:07.18; Walker, 2:14.23.

200 individual medley — Helen Jensen, second, 2:17.88; Hausman, fifth, 2:21.18; Spitzack, 2:25.77.

50 freestyle — Kari, first, 25.02; Wallace, fourth, 27.18; Girgen, 28.55.

Diving — Britta Johnson, second, 136.65; Alaina Kremer, fifth, 101.45; Madi Ficker, 97.45.

100 butterfly — Smith, second, 59.66; Leonard, fourth, 1:02.50; Gillard, 1:14.85.

100 freestyle — Gjelhaug, fourth, 57.60; McCullough, fifth, 58.74; Mariah Wallace, 59.01.

500 freestyle — Jensen, fourth, 5:33.43; Hausman, fifth, 5:36.95; Girgen, 6:12.43.

200 freestyle relay — team of Gjelhaug, Hasuman, McCullough and Jensen, third, 1;46.89; team of Gillard, Walker, Tipler and Girgen, 1:53.55; team of Sara Ficker, Rosie Pechous, Abby Knapp and Megan Jahnke, 2:03.59.

100 backstroke — Kari, first, 59.54; Leonard, 1:03.51; Spitzack, 1:09.58.

100 breaststroke — Smith, 1:13.72; Walker, 1:22.19; Gillard, 1:22.36.

400 freestyle relay — team of Kari, McCullough, Jensen and Smith, 3:48.95; team of Leonard, Spitzack, Mariah Wallace and Gjelhaug, 4:00.35; team of Sara Ficker, Knapp and Utecht, 4;41.35.