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Lacrosse girls keep fighting to turn it around

The schedule hasn't gotten any easier for the Hastings girls lacrosse team. The Raiders are in the middle of their Suburban East Conference season, and the team is still seeking its first win. Hastings is 0-9 on the season.

Players and coaches aren't letting the losses diminish their love for the game, coach Nicole Peterson said.

"Even though we are not winning many games, the girls are still enjoying the sport," she said. "They come out to every game with a positive attitude and whether they are losing by five or by 10, they play hard until the final buzzer. I couldn't be happier as a coach to see my girls still trying as hard as they do."

Peterson is confident Hastings will get better as the years go on. This is just the second season for varsity lacrosse in hastings.

"We have a lot of potential coming up in the next couple of years," Peterson said. "We will still have Hannah Moldenhauer, one of the captains, next year who does a great job of supporting the team and being our top center position. We have a starting eighth-grader, Megan Shoen, who is aggressive and has already put major points up on the boards as a forward along with her forward partner, Gabbie Riveness, who has at least one goal in almost every game.

"We have done some switching around with our defense in the last two games also with bringing up a two JV players, Grace Holm and Michaela Kelley, who have done an amazing job. I look forward to seeing all of these players grow in the off season and continuing through the next three or four seasons with them."

Among the losses was a 13-4 loss on May 7 to Woodbury.

Hastings got goals from Megan Shoen, Amy McNamara, Gabbie Riveness and Hannah Caturia.

On the junior varsity side, Hastings lost to Woodbury. Hannah Ringeisen led Hastings in scoring.

On May 6, Hastings lost to Cretin-Derham Hall, 24-1. Riveness had the Hastings goal.

The junior varsity lost to Cretin, 15-1. Christina Gillard had the Hastings goal.

On May 8, Hastings lost to Mounds View, 20-5.

On May 9, Hastings lost to Lakeville South, 17-1.

On May 10, Hastings lost to Mound Westonka, 16-4.


Hastings lost to Park on Monday night, 16-6.

Hastings got goals from Mikaela Leifeld (two), Amy McNamara (two), Moldenhauer and Riveness.