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Raiders win two more SEC swim meets to remain perfect

The Hastings boys swimming and diving team improved to a perfect 5-0 in Suburban East Conference action with two wins last week.

Hastings beat Woodbury and Cretin-Derham Hall.

In the meet against Woodbury on Tuesday, Hastings took full control immediately. The Raiders took first and second in the 200 medley relay, the first event, outscoring Woodbury 12-2 in the event. The meet remained relatively close until the 200 freestyle relay. Hastings led 69-57 going into the relay, then the Raiders took first and second again, holding an 81-59 lead at the end of the event.

In those two relays alone, Hastings outscored Woodbury 24-4.

"We dominated those two relays," coach Gerry Rupp said. "Our relays were very dominant. That's we had hoped and planned to do. We were able to align our top two relays to be very close to one another. We wanted to jump out to a big lead right away."

By the end of the 100 breaststroke, Hastings led 94-78, a cushion so big that they were able to swim exhibition-only in the final event, letting the Royals pick up the meet's final 12 points to make the final score 94-90.

"How often do we do that against Woodbury?" Rupp asked. "It was pretty exciting that we were able to do that."

While the 400 freestyle relay was only an exhibition swim for Hastings, it did have the meet's most exciting race.

The top Hastings relay was behind Woodbury's top team by a body length and a half when Colby Smith took the water for the anchor leg. He caught the Woodbury anchor, and Hastings won the race by almost a second, finishing in 3:36.76.

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay - team of Hayden Schmitt, Cole Tipler, Brandon Underwood and Jack VanZee, first, 1:46.96; team of Kenny Benson, Hunter Sassor, Elijah Reilly and Thomas Everson, second, 1:47.97; team of Cole Scully, Cal Gergen, Stephen Smith and Aaron McCullough, 2:05.23.

200 freestyle - Colby Smith, first, 1:52.67; Jack Weldon, third, 2:05.56; John Utecht, 2:06.83.

200 individual medley - Thomas Everson, first, 2:05.19; Underwood, second, 2:07.99.

50 freestyle - Cole Tipler, second, 23.83; Reilly, fifth, 24.54; VanZee, 24.82.

Diving - Vova Tipler, second, 150.30; Ethan Kimmes, fifth, 103.15; Benson, 98.30.

100 butterfly - Thomas Everson, first, 56.82; Cole Tipler, second, 1:00.51; Sassor, fourth, 1:01.71.

100 freestyle - Schmitt, first, 51.78; Utecht, third, 55.59; McCullough, 59.90.

500 freestyle - VanZee, third, 5:20.53; Sassor, fourth, 5:23.31; Reilly, fifth, 5:58.80.

200 freestyle relay - team of Colby Smith, Utecht, Cole Tipler and Schmitt, first, 1:34.90; team of Thomas Everson, Benson, Underwood and VanZee, second, 1:35.21; team of Stephen Smith, McCullough, Gergen and Mikey Everson, 1:47.24.

100 backstroke - Colby Smith, first, 1:00.19; Scully, fifth, 1:06.60; Weldon, 1:08.72.

100 breaststroke - Underwood, third, 1:08.97; Schmitt, fourth, 1:12.34; Stephen Smith, fifth, 1:15.46.

400 freestyle relay - team of Reilly, Sassor, Utecht and Colby Smith, 3:36.76; team of Benson, Scully, Weldon and McCullough, 4:01.73.

Vs Cretin-Derham Hall

Hastings beat Cretin-Derham Hall on Thursday, 95-89. Hastings swam exhibition only in the final race again, leading 95-77 heading into the final race.

Again, the two relays were keys. Hastings went first and third in the medley relay and first, second and third in the 200 freestyle. Hastings outscored Cretin 22-6 in the two races.

Hastings even swam with a mixed up lineup.

"We took a lot of our younger guys and plugged them into varsity events to give them some varsity experience and the opportunity to earn letter points," Rupp said.

Several of the swimmers made the most of the opportunity.

Bobby Moore had his best time in the 200 freestyle and the 500 freestyle, then blew the coaches away by shaving 4.5 seconds off his best time in the 100 freestyle (which came during the 400 freestyle relay).

"He swam really well," Rupp said.

Vova Tipler, Ethan Kimmes and Benson each had personal best scores in diving.

Tipler had a 161.60, Kimmes had a 118.75 and Benson had a 121.10.

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay - team of Schmitt, Colby Smith, Reilly and Thomas Everson, first, 1:44.71; team of Utecht, Sassor, Underwood and Cole Tipler, third, 1:47.42; team of Benson, Mikey Everson, VanZee and Stephen Smith, 1:54.30.

200 freestyle - Stephen Smith, first, 2:01.95; Weldon, fourth, 2:05.79; Moore, fifth, 2:06.35.

200 individual medley - Schmitt, second, 2:08.17; Reilly, fourth, 2:24.35; McCullough, fifth, 2:25.55.

50 freestyle - Thomas Everson, first, 22.55; Scully, fourth, 24.79; Sassor, 25.38.

Diving - Vova Tipler, second, 16 1.60; Kimmes, 118.75; Mikey Everson, 104.95.

100 butterfly - Underwood, first, 56.31; Utecht, third, 1:02.64; Erik Christensen, fourth, 1:08.68.

100 freestyle - Colby Smith, first, 50.50; Weldon, fourth, 56.92; Carter Williams, 58.94.

500 freestyle - Cole Tipler, first, 5:31.44; Moore, third, 5:42.77; McCullough, fifth, 5:49.40.

200 freestyle relay - team of Underwood, Utecht, Cole Tipler and Colby Smith, first, 1:33.48; team of Schmitt, Weldon, VanZee and Everson, second, 1:34.81; team of Scully, Reilly, Moore and McCullough, 1:42.68.

100 backstroke - Benson, second, 1:00.71; Stephen Smith, fourth, 1:02.64; Scott Christensen, fifth, 1:10.76.

100 breaststroke - VanZee, second, 1:07.11; Patrick Clark, fourth, 1:15.75; Jackson Gergen, 1:19.22.

400 freestyle relay - team of Underwood, Williams, Scully and Schmitt, 3:35.34; team of Everson, McCullough, Benson and Smith, 3:35.99; team of Tipler, Sassor, VanZee and Reilly, 3:38.35.