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Raider swimmers beat Mustangs in close meet, 99-87

Hastings swimming coach Gerry Rupp had a lot to be excited about coming into this season. For one thing, his team, thanks to a new pool at the Hastings Middle School, was able to add a diving program again. That meant that Hastings was no longer going to be forced to forfeit those points every night.

In close meets, that was going to make a big difference for the team, he said.

On Thursday night, that diving program proved just how valuable it had become.

Hastings picked up nine key points in a close dual meet against Mounds View. Those points were key as Hastings went on to win, 99-87.

The Raiders are now 2-0 in Suburban East Conference action.

Vova Tipler won the diving competition. He is a seventh-grader.

The swimmer of the meet was Stephen Smith, who turned in a number of his best swims. He is a seventh-grader, too.

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay - team of John Utecht, Cole Tipler, Elijah Reilly and Hayden Schmitt, first, 1:45.14; team of Kenny Benson, Hunter Sassor, Jack Weldon and Cole Scully, third, 1:52.47.

200 freestyle - Thomas Everson, second, 1:47.20; Jack VanZee, third, 1:57.14; Stephen Smith, fifth, 2:00.84.

200 individual medley - Colby Smith, first, 2:03.38; Sassor, fourth, 2:13.85; Utecht, 2:23.51.

50 freestyle - Schmitt, first, 22.86; Tipler, third, 23.81; Reilly, fourth, 24.28.

Diving - Vova Tipler, first, 137.05; Mikey Everson, fourth, 104.90; Benson, fifth, 99.05.

100 butterfly - Reilly, second, 57.40; Schmitt, third, 57.52; Weldon, fourth, 1:00.72.

100 freestyle - Thomas Everson, second, 50.01; Underwood, third, 50.09; Scully, 56.95.

500 freestyle - VanZee, first, 5:09.49; Smith, third, 5:25.22; Tipler, fifth, 5:30.82.

200 freestyle relay - team of Underwood, Colby Smith, Thomas Everson and Schmitt, second, 1:30.74; team of Scully, Sassor, Tipler and VanZee, third, 1:38.70; team of Weldon, Christensen, Carter Williams and Cal Gergen, 1:49.17.

100 backstroke - Underwood, second, 59.03; Utecht, third, 1:00.83; Benson, fourth, 1:02.11.

100 breaststroke - Colby Smith, first, 1:03.99; Sassor, fourth, 1:07.71; Bobby Moore, 1:13.68.

400 freestyle relay - team of Thomas Everson, Reilly, Underwood and Colby Smith, second, 3:28.69; team of Van Zee, Scully, Utecht and Stephen Smith, fourth, 3:47.03; team of Weldon, Benson, Aaron McCullough and Mikey Everson, 4:02.40.