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Hastings baseball coach resigns after accepting position in Red Wing

Paul Hartmann, the head baseball coach at Hastings High School, has resigned. He has accepted a new teaching position in Red Wing, and his career in Hastings ends at the end of the first semester.

"I thought that I would teach and coach my entire career in Hastings," he wrote in an email Thursday morning. "As my family has matured, this has become more difficult. I have literally and figuratively felt split between communities. School schedules, youth programs, and 40-minute drives forced me to make a decision.

"Many different individuals within ISD 200 and the Hastings community have trusted and supported me with various responsibilities over the last 9 years. I've tried to bring the integrity and passion for kids to my work that (the) administration saw when they hired me. Hastings is a great place to work. I've learned a lot about education and kids throughout my tenure here."