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Swimmers take ninth at state true team swim meet

The Hastings girls swimming and diving team placed ninth out of 12 teams at the state true team meet, held Saturday at the University of Minnesota.

"Things went well for the most part," coach Katie McAlpin said. "A lot of lessons (were) learned. This meet was a very nice preview to what we will see at the state meet. It was a great experience for the kids who have never gotten to swim at the U of M before."

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay - team of Brina Kari, Kate Reilly, Kelly Leonard and Allissa Smith, seventh, 1:51.51; team of Jenna Spitzack, Emily Klysen, Mariah Wallace and Christina Gillard, 32nd, 2:03.56; team of Abby Knapp, Sara Ficker, Nikki Girgen and Katherine Rupp, 45th, 2:14.99.

200 freestyle - Helen Jensen, 25th, 2:03.26; Morgan McCullough, 29th, 2:04.05; Breanna Kimmes, 40th, 2:11.15; Rosie Pechous, 46th, 2:19.56.

200 individual medley - Abbie Gjelhaug, 22nd, 2:19.33; Spitzack, 31st, 2:24.51; Girgen, 44th, 2:32.67; Valya Tipler, 47th, 2:38.74.

50 freestyle - Kate Reilly, third, 24.33; Klysen, 24th, 26.24; Mariah Wallace, 37th, 27.06; Gillard, 42nd, 27.81.

Diving - Sara Ficker, 35th, 72.30; C.J. Kremer, 36th, 65.80; Girgen, 37th, 45.95.

100 butterfly - Kari, fourth, 59.05; Smith, 11th, 1:00.29; Spitzack, 31st, 1:04.23; Pechous, 46th, 1:12.55.

100 freestyle - Reilly, eighth, 53.61; Wallace, 37th, 58.83; Tipler, 36th, 1:04.18; Rupp, 48th, 1:05.59.

500 freestyle - Gjelhaug, 14th, 5:22.73; Leonard, 27th, 5:35.26; Kimmes, 34th, 5:40.81; Megan Jahnke, 45th, 6:19.00.

200 freestyle relay - team of Jensen, Gjelhaug, Klysen and McCullough, 21st, 1:47.08; team of Spitzack, Tipler, Gillard and Kimmes, 32nd, 1:52.24; team of Jahnke, Rupp, Pechous and Abby Knapp, 41st, 1:58.70; team of Sydney Clark, Lizzy Pagel, Savannah Caroon and Hannah Harris, 47th, 2:21.00.

100 backstroke - Kari, fourth, 57.97; Smith, 11th, 1:00.69; Leonard, 23rd, 1:03.07; McCullough, 28th, 1:04.35.

100 breaststroke - Jensen, 17th, 1:12.44; Klysen, 25th, 1:13.71; Gillard, 33rd, 1:17.82; Ficker, 47th, 1:25.24.

400 freestyle relay - team of Jensen, Kari, Smith and Reilly, sixth, 3:38.60; team of McCullough, Kimmes, Wallace and Gjelhaug, 21st, 3:52.43; team of Leonard, Tipler, Ficker and Girgen, 40th, 4:13.82; team of Gretta Utecht, Brown, Jahnke and Pechous, 47th, 4:32.61.