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Raiders are section true team champs

It was close, but the Hastings girls swimming team emerged as the section true team champions thanks to a balanced performance in the pool on Saturday in Owatonna.

Hastings won the meet by three points and advances to the state true team meet, set for Saturday.

The 200 medley relay team got the meet off to a great start with a pool and a meet record. The team finished in 1:51.99.

Brina Kari, the swimmer of the meet for Hastings, also set a pool record and a meet record in the 100 backstroke. She had a time of 57.95.

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay - team of Brina Kari, Kate Reilly, Kelly Leonard and Allissa Smith, first, 1:51.99; team of Mariah Wallace, Emily Klysen, Helen Jensen and Christina Gillard, fifth, 2:01.15; team of Abby Knapp, Nikki Girgen, Jenna Spitzack and Katherine Rupp, 13th, 2:10.67; team of Hannah Harris, Savannah Caroon, Sydney Clark and Lizzy Pagel, 23rd, 2:48.08.

200 freestyle - Abbie Gjelhaug, first, 2:01.06; Morgan McCullough, fifth, 2:07.60; Breanna Kimmes, sixth, 2:07.73; Valya Tipler, 19th, 2:20.51.

200 individual medley - Kari, third, 2:15.92; Jensen, fourth, 2:17.53; Leonard, fifth, 2:20.48.

50 freestyle - Smith, third, 25.19; Klysen, sixth, 26.67; Wallace, seventh, 26.68; Gillard, 11th, 27.44.

Diving - Sara Ficker, 21st, 90.40; CJ Kremer, 22nd, 81.50; Nikki Girgen, 23rd, 68.65.

100 butterfly - Smith, first, 59.81; Leonard, fourth, 1:03.90; Spitzack, fifth, 1:04.94; Rosie Pechous, 16th, 1:12.07.

100 freestyle - Reilly, second, 53.77; Wallace, sixth, 57.94; Tipler, 17th, 1:04.20; Corinna Brown, 21st, 1:06.68.

500 freestyle - Jensen, first, 5:24.21; Gjelhaug, second, 5:27.52; Kimmes, fifth, 5:37.50; Jahnke, 20th, 6:20.01.

200 freestyle relay - team of Gjelhaug, Klysen, Gillard and Reilly, second, 1:44.03; team of Spitzack, Tipler, Kimmes and McCullough, 10th, 1:54.02; team of Abby Knapp, Jahnke, Pechous and Rupp, 20th, 2:01.16; team of Gretta Utecht, Brown, Kremer and Harris, 22nd, 2:05.13.

100 backstroke - Kari, first, 57.95; McCullough, fifth, 1:04.94; Spitzack, ninth, 1:09.53; Rupp, 19th, 1:17.09.

100 breaststroke - Reilly, first, 1:09.48; Klysen, seventh, 1:15.08; Gillard, 11th, 1:19.03; Ficker, 15th, 1:21.22.

400 freestyle relay - team of Kari, Smith, Gjelhaug and Jensen, first, 3:44.75; team of Wallace, Leonard, Kimmes and McCullough, third, 3:52.30; team of Girgen, Pechous, Ficker and Tipler, 11th, 4:15.97; team of Caroon, Pagel, Utecht and Clark, 22nd, 5:10.90.