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Hastings has big week coming up in the pool

This week is a big one for the Hastings girls swimming and diving team. The Raiders play host to Stillwater tonight (Sept. 6) in a big Suburban East Conference dual meet.

Hastings and Stillwater are expected to contend for the SEC title this year, and the winner of Thursday's meet will have a big advantage early in the season.

In addition to that, the meet marks the first competition in the new pool at Hastings Middle School.

Hastings got the SEC season off to a winning start last week with a 106-80 win over Roseville. The meet got off to a slow start for Hastings.

"It was a very rough start to the meet," coach Katie McAlpin said. "Being our first dual meet I think the girls just needed a mental kick in the butt to figure out how to take care of business. In the end they pulled through. It was very fun to see our divers dive for the first time. They did great."

The Hastings swimmer of the meet was Gretta Utecht.

She had a two-second drop off her 200 freestyle lifetime best time and a nine-second improvement on her 100 butterfly personal best.

"Gretta is a very hard worker every day and a pleasure to have at the pool," McAlpin said. "She is always here, happy and having fun."

Results from the meet went like this:

200 medley relay - team of Kate Reilly, Nikki Girgen, Valya Tipler and Allissa Smith, second, 2:03.35; team of Helen Jensen, Kelly Leonard, Megan Jahnke and CJ Kremer, fourth, 2:18.01.

200 freestyle - Emily Klysen, fourth, 2:09.71; Jenna Spitzack, fifth, 2:12.05; Breanna Kimmes, sixth, 2:12.76.

200 individual medley - Reilly, first, 2:16.99; Christina Gillard, third, 2:35.36; Girgen, fourth, 2:37.17.

50 freestyle - Mariah Wallace, third, 27.24; Tipler, fifth, 29.59.

Diving - Allissa Smith, fourth, 120.35; Britta Johnson, fifth, 86.60; Kremer, sixth.

100 butterfly - Gjelhaug, first, 1:04.00; Morgan McCullough, second, 1:05.51; Girgen, fourth, 1:12.78.

100 freestyle - Reilly, first, 54.19; Kimmes, fourth, 59.86; Gillard, fifth, 1:00.72.

500 freestyle - Kari, first, 5:32.75; McCullough, third, 5:47.88; Spitzack, fourth, 5:51.40.

200 freestyle relay - team of Reilly, Klysen, Smith and Rosie Pechous, first, 1:46.75; team of Leonard, Gjelhaug, Spitzack and Jensen, third, 1:49.09; team of Kimmes, Wallace, Gretta Utecht and Gillard, fourth, 1:54.91.

100 backstroke - Leonard, first, 1:03.03; Ellie Wallace, second, 1:08.13; Klysen, third, 1:11.21.

100 breaststroke - Jensen, first, 1:13.54; Kari, second, 1:16.16; Mariah Wallace, fourth, 1:19.63.

400 freestyle relay - team of Gjelhaug, Kari, Klysen and Jensen, first, 3:52.73; team of Smith, McCullough, Leonard and Spitzack, second, 3:53.55; team of Gillard, Ellie Wallace, Kimmes and Pechous.

Junior varsity

Here are results from the junior varsity meet:

200 medley relay - team of Mariah Wallace, Abby Knapp, Katherine Rupp and Mariah Stone, first, 2:30.58.

200 freestyle - Utecht, fourth, 2:32.81; Knapp, fifth, 2:33.10; Hannah Harris, sixth.

200 individual medley - Corinna Brown, first, 2:43.61; Sara Ficker, third, 3:06.32.

50 freestyle - Rupp, first, 30.45; Jahnke, second, 30.61; Caroon, fourth, 38.27.

Diving - Jorey Molitor, third.

100 butterfly - Utecht, first, 1:15.95; Sydney Clark, fourth, 1:43.33.

100 freestyle - Harris, first, 1:08.16; Brown, third, 1:13.46; Knapp, fifth, 1:18.64.

500 freestyle - Jahnke, first, 6:30.71; Pechous, second, 6:30.77.

200 freestyle relay - team of Knapp, Kremer, Stone and Clark, first, 2:11.68; team of Girgen, Harris, Brown and Caroon, third, 2:27.01.

100 backstroke - Clark, first, 1:11.96; Rupp, second, 1:20.46; Ficker, fourth, 1:40.80; Tipler, fifth, 1:44.85.

100 breaststroke - Caroon, first, 1:32.75; Kremer, fourth, 1:46.58; Stone, fifth, 1:49.19.

400 freestyle relay - team of Brown, Ficker, Clark and Utecht, first, 4:42.40; team of Jahnke, Tipler, Harris and Rupp, second, 5:00.01.