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Raiders boys soccer team gets off to great start at 2-0

Hastings High School junior Alec Santelman is pictured playing defense against Richfield on Tuesday night here. Hastings lost, 2-0. (Star Gazette photo by Chad Richardson)1 / 3
Alex Melecio, a Hastings senior, is pictured with control of the ball at midfield for Hastings on Tuesday night. (Star Gazette photo by Chad Richardson)2 / 3
Alex Lewanski, a Hastings senior, keeps the ball away from a Richfield player. Lewanski is a midfielder for the Raiders. (Star Gazette photo by Chad Richardson)3 / 3

The season certainly got off to a great start for the Hastings boys soccer team. Hastings started out the year with a 2-0 record after wins over non-conference opponents from Winona-Cotter and Simley.

In the 2-0 win over Simley, Hastings got goals from Keegan McIntosh and Bailey Platson. Assists were made by Alex Lewanski and Scott Matecki.

"We were able to spread them out and give a lot of running room to the guys in the middle," coach Shane Lanning said. "When you get guys wide, they get huge running lanes in the middle. That opened it up for them inside."

Ian Johnson played goalie and got the shutout.

"He continues to be pretty solid for us on that side of things," Lanning said. "It was good to see him get his first shutout of the year. That's always a confidence booster."

In front of Johnson, the Hastings defense had another good game, Lanning said.

"That was just another good performance by the back five," he said.

The main five defensemen for Hastings are Alec Santelman, Thomas Mattimiro, Nate Strauss, Sam Romain and Josh Mann.

Vs Stillwater

Hastings lost to Stillwater in the Suburban East Conference opener, 4-0.

"It was definitely a dose of reality there," Lanning said. "We do have some work to do. We're not quite at the top of our game yet."

That said, the game was closer than it appears, Lanning said.

"It wasn't terrible - 4-0 sounds like a nasty loss, but it really wasn't that bad," he said. "Unfortunately, we just had a bad run of five minutes in that second half. We had about five minutes where we lost focus a little bit. We tightened it up and played better in the later portions of the game."

Romain and Strauss had especially strong games on defense, Lanning said.

"That partnership between Sam and Nate is getting better," he said. "Nate has been really solid for us the last two games. I don't think he's taken a sub in any of the games we've had yet. He can go all game every game. He's really doing a nice job for us in the back there."


Hastings lost to Richfield on Tuesday night, 2-1.