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Hastings wins third straight

The Hastings girls hockey team, bolstered by a healthy lineup once again, has won three games in a row. The Raiders extended that streak Friday with a 4-0 win over Woodbury. The win improved Hastings' record to 9-10 on the season.

"Our game plan was to play our game all 51 minutes and do the simple things over and over again," coach Jeff Corkish said. "It was important that we limited our turnovers when we have puck possession in the neutral zone - making sure we don't challenge when the cards are stacked up against us and instead get the puck behind the defense and put the pressure on them so we can create turnovers resulting in the puck getting to the net."

Hastings got a strong performance from Madi True, an eighth-grade goalie who made her first varsity start.

"We did well all game taking away scoring opportunities with the exception of an odd man rush early in the first period that resulted in a good shot for them and an early test for Madi," Corkish said. "She handled her angles well and stayed big making the save without a rebound. We are all proud of her."

Hastings gave up just 10 shots in the game.

"We are pleased with that, but we were not really pleased with the types of shots we were creating in the first period, even though we had 12 shots," Corkish said.

Hastings and Woodbury played a scoreless first period. Hastings made some adjustments for the second period, and they worked - the Raiders scored four goals in the period.

"We talked about committing to taking the puck to the net and getting dirty in the second," Corkish said. "Although not every goal was a direct result of doing that, our energy level was better and commitment to puck protection was improved. The result was a 4-0 lead going into the third period."

Hastings got on the board at 8:27 of the second period when Sami Claussen scored, assisted by Natalie Simons.

At 10:10, Danielle Duffy scored, assisted by Kiki Radke.

"Danielle took home the hard hat award with her one goal scored by going hard to the net looking for a rebound," Corkish said. "She improved her forechecking all game and ended up with a missed breakaway showing how she was involved in the game all the way through."

Hastings scored again at 10:56, when Natalie Simons found the back of the net, assisted by Kaitlin Stark.

The final Hastings goal of the period, and of the game, came at 16:06. Hannah Simons scored, unassisted.

"The third period was another period filled with a lot of shots on net and some missed opportunities in front of their goal, but overall we ended up with 36 shots and lots of pressure, so we can't be disappointed with that win," Corkish said.

While Kit Ruedy didn't notch a point, Corkish was pleased with what he saw from her.

"Kit also had a good game, playing well in the neutral zone closing gaps on bodies and taking away the red line multiple times resulting in turnovers that ended up in Woodbury's end," he said.