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Hastings tops state's No. 8 team, 5-4

The Hastings girls hockey team recorded its biggest win of the season on Saturday, beating Mounds View, 5-4, in overtime.

Hastings had built a 2-0 lead, but the Mustangs came back and took a 3-2 lead.

Eventually, as the final seconds ticked away, Mounds View led 4-3. With just 2.3 seconds left, though, Sami Claussen scored to tie the game and send it into overtime. Hastings won in the extra period on a goal by Natalie Simons.

Mounds View entered the game as the No. 8-ranked team in the state. They had a 10-1 league record coming into the game.

"Our girls came out flying in the first period, especially the line of Natalie Simons, Hannah Simons and Sami Claussen," coach Jeff Corkish said. "They produced a lot of scoring chances and helped us get up 2-0 right away. As we entered the second period Mounds View came out with a little more energy and we forgot how to punch back. They worked their way back to a 3-2 lead and the rest of the way we hung on to stay close."

Hastings got goals from Hannah Simons (2), Kaitlin Stark, Sami Claussen and Natalie Simons. Assists were made by Torri Holm, Natalie Simons (4), Claussen (2) and Kiki Radke.

Hastings has a 9-10 overall record.

Brooke Weber played in goal for Hastings.

"We did some really nice things in that game offensively but we continue to have issues with our battle level in the defensive zone," Corkish said.

Vs Park

Hastings lost to Park on Jan. 10, 3-1.

"We had our full roster for the first time in five weeks and quickly showed what we can do with a full line up," Corkish said. "We controlled a lot of the game and had a lot of quality scoring chances in tight. We only gave up 15 shots and a small number of quality scoring chances."

Hastings had a lead heading into the third period, but the Wolfpack took advantage of some Hastings breakdowns and scored.

"Overall we were happy with the effort and performance but would have liked a more favorable outcome on the scoreboard," Corkish said.

The Hasting goal was scored by Danielle Duffy, assisted by Radke and Mikayla Minnaert.

Weber played in goal for the Raiders.

Vs East Ridge

Hastings beat East Ridge on Tuesday, 6-0.

Goals were scored by Kit Ruedy, Natalie Simons, Claussen, Jackie Stark, Duffy and Hannah Simons.

Assists were made by Josie Stepan, Jackie Stark, Kaitlin Stark (3), Claussen (2), Natalie Simons, Ruedy and Radke.

Weber earned the shutout in goal for Hastings.